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Media Relations

We have the experience and relationships with key publications in a number of spaces, including business, money/capital markets, life & style, entertainment, homes & property, leisure, technology, logistics/supply chain, life sciences, and specific vertical markets. Media Managers PR works to establish its clients' leadership and prominence by taking the time to research and study the industry, know the editors, and to secure attendances for press conferences, and arrange interviews for articles in key publications. We have access to over 150 editors nationwide.
We observe, we question, and most importantly, we understand what works and what doesn't. We offer editorial writings, media events, feature placements and media monitoring as part of our media relations services to ensure consistent positive publicity and product promotion for the client's products. Our PR strategies are developed to effectively deliver the right message to the right people.


Media Managers PR specializes in conducting qualitative and quantitative research, surveys and interviews to better understand the environment and target audience. Research isn't superfluous - it is an integral part of identifying a target audience and developing effective communications messages. Our expert opinions, research reports and features have appeared in a number of leading regional magazines and newspapers. Our preliminary research helps us construct and implement plans that influence or change existing attitudes and behaviour to align with our clients' key messages.

Community Relations

We believe in two-way communication between client organizations and the communities they operate in. We work with clients to ensure their active participation within the greater community in order to build bridges between the organization and its many stakeholders.

Crisis Management

Crises can impact any organization at any time, regardless of size and scope of work. An escalating crisis has the potential to damage a company's reputation and disrupt operations. Media Managers PR realizes that crisis management involves taking a proactive approach from the word 'go'. We have experience in formulating emergency action plans that identify the real nature of a current crisis. We set up crisis task forces to intervene immediately and deflate exaggeration and quell damaging rumours by providing transparent updates.

Event Management

Public Relations events are a most effective tool in communicating key messages to media face-to-face. Media Managers PR has an innovative approach to event management that seeks to leverage maximum good will from the undertaking. Comprehensive planning is crucial to events seeking to create direct impact and garner immediate feedback. We excel in formulating event ideas, planning, scheduling, organizing and targeting appropriate audiences. Media Managers PR organizes press conferences, product launches, seminars, workshops and conferences that provide ideal communication platforms for our clients to interact with interest groups and target audiences.

CSR Programs

Modern organizations cannot function as closed systems. An organization must become a long-term partner in the community in which it operates, to enjoy enduring success. Corporate Social Responsibility is not just another buzzword - companies all over the world are engaging positively with stakeholders and consumers, and the stakeholder inclusion and sensitivity to community needs is defining the new paradigm of acceptable organizational behaviour. Media Managers PR believes in an integrated approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility that engenders a transparent, holistic and inclusive business approach. We have worked with several leading industry players that have sought to engage positively with their stakeholders and society at large.

Media Monitoring

Media Managers PR prepares PR reports from print, audio, audio-visual, electronic and web-based media about organizations, competitors and industry-related news reports that may impact client operations, thereby increasing our clients' market and media awareness and improving response times.

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications provide essential interaction between an organization and its stakeholders. Media Managers PR develops integrated marketing plans, strategies, tactics and activities such as promotions, packaging, point-of-sale displays, trade shows and special events for clients. We excel in the dissemination of desired marketing and branding messages to identified target markets and interest groups.

Brand Marketing

Media Managers PR develops integrative brand strategies that seek to increase product value in consumers' perceptions. We emphasize synergy in messaging to increase brand awareness and promote brand equity. Our clients enjoy powerful and effective campaigns that strategically position their brand in the market and increase consumer recognition and brand recall.

Media Training

We believe that all organizations need "ambassadors" - key spokespersons with authority and acumen to deliver pertinent messages to media and stakeholders. At Media Managers PR, we go the extra step in creating such ambassadors by working closely with key personnel to help deliver hard-hitting, focused messages. Media Managers PR has partnered with leading national and international media personalities to complement the efforts of a dedicated in-house team to provide media training that focuses on issues such as:

  • Effective communication
  • How to deal with controversial questions
  • How to avoid saying 'no comment'
  • How to understand different media needs of different channels

Our aim is to provide comprehensive media training campaigns that include simulation interviews and TV studio exercises so that when journalists call, our clients are in full control of the interview situation and respond in a confident manner with key messages.

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