Kortext, Universal Bipolar to drive digital textbooks in Nigeria

Students in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions will soon have access to the digital text books of their choice through collaboration between Kortext Ltd, (a United Kingdom based international digital textbook platform provider) and Nigeria's most aspiring Networking and Data information technology solution company, Universal Bipolar Consults Limited.

Kortext’s agreement with Universal Bipolar is to distribute digital textbooks in Nigeria and West Africa. Kortext has relationships with the world’s major textbook and academic publishers and will also be working with Universal Bipolar on delivering content from local publishers to cover the Nigerian Curricula.

Mr. Andy Alferovs, President, Kortext, speaking in Bournemouth, United Kingdom during the Agreement Signing ceremony, noted that the majority of content is now available in electronic form and that there is a great opportunity to work with lecturers and institutions to deliver the digital textbooks that are required for their courses. He commented “Demand and use of digital content in higher education is increasing dramatically and Kortext’s solutions are helping to deliver an enhanced learning experience providing both on-line and off-line (downloaded) access”,

Through the collaboration, Universal Bipolar will act as Kortext’s representative in Nigeria, managing the local relationships and assisting with training and set-up.  Mr. Adeolu Adenuga, Manager, Business Development, who represented Universal Bipolar at the signing ceremony, assured Kortext of his company’s readiness to drive the product in Nigeria.

Also, an elated Managing Partner, Mr. Adewole Afolabi, described the development as a new way of using textbooks through technology for educational development and that Nigerian students will benefit greatly from it. He also urged tertiary institutions in Nigeria to avail themselves of the opportunity, by embracing digital trends. Mr Afolabi added “Following discussions with Kortext we found their solution to be a perfect fit, with access to textbooks on-line and downloadable to devices, as well as being able to highlight, take notes, share note, copy, paste and print.  This provides a truly anytime, anywhere flexible learning solution for students”.

About Kortext

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